The Beat cancer Project:

My plan is to develop a truly comprehensive "patient driven" website,
to seek out and promote alternative cancer treatments that are safe & effective.
My soulmate Audrey died of breast cancer in 2007. Watching the horribly inflexible way
the medical establishment approached her treatment led me to dedicate my life to finding a
 better way. Her doctors spent thousands of dollars every week on chemotherapy, and even
more on radiation treatment, yet they never even mentioned things like a healthy diet,
or studies showing that both sunlight and walking clearly increase survival rates.
This must change! The truth about other avenues to beating cancer
must be explored and made widely known.


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In loving memory of Audrey



Walk Through Fire:

about the film




Jamie at Hughes Management

Marcus and Jennifer at Salon De Marcus

Victor at El Pollo Grill

Craig, Derek, and everyone at
O'Brothers 100% Organic Burgers

Jag at Royal India Restaurant

Jackson Cassibry at Hooters

Linda, Pam, and everybody at
Joshua Tree Health Foods
Joshua Tree, California

Della Van Hise, and everyone at
Quantum Shaman
for their beautiful store,
and their generous gifts to Audrey
when she really needed them

The Metromint company for
their gracious donation of 5 cases of
delicious mintwater during Audrey's last summer:

 Amerindea, owner of



Earlier versions of the
"Walk Through Fire" trailer: